How to access Minikube remotely?

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How to access Minikube remotely?

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To access Minikube remotely, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Start Minikube by running the minikube start command in your terminal.
  2. Determine the IP address of your Minikube instance by running the minikube ip command.
  3. Ensure that you have a valid kubectl configuration to access the Minikube cluster. If not, run the minikube kubectl -- get-contexts command to check if a valid context is set. If not, run minikube kubectl -- use-context
  4. To expose the services running in your cluster, you can use the NodePort or LoadBalancer service types. For example, you can create a simple deployment and service by running the following commands:
$ kubectl create deployment hello-minikube
$ kubectl expose deployment hello-minikube --type=NodePort --port=8080

  1. To get the URL for the exposed service, run minikube service hello-minikube --url. This command will output the URL that you can use to access the service from your local machine or any other machine on the same network as your Minikube instance.
  2. Open a web browser or use a tool like curl to access the URL obtained in the previous step and interact with the service remotely.

Note: make sure that the necessary network access is allowed between your remote machine and the Minikube instance.