How to check Minikube logs?

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How to check Minikube logs?

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To check Minikube logs, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt.
  2. Start Minikube using the command: minikube start (or minikube start --vm-driver=
  3. Once Minikube is up and running, you can check the logs using the command: minikube logs.
  4. This command will display the logs of Minikube and its associated components such as Kubernetes, etcd, and the container runtime.
  5. You can scroll through the logs to find information about the Minikube setup, any errors or warnings, and details about the Kubernetes cluster.
  6. If you want to follow the logs live as they are being generated, you can use the -f or --follow flag: minikube logs -f.
  7. Press Ctrl+C to stop following the logs and return to the command prompt.

Note: The minikube logs command only displays the logs of the Minikube instance running on your local machine. If you have a multi-node cluster, you can use the Kubernetes standard commands (kubectl logs) to check the logs of specific pods or services.