How To Compute Rate of Change (ROC) using Lua?

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How To Compute Rate of Change (ROC) using Lua?

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Rate of Change (ROC) is a measure of how quickly a variable is changing over a specific period of time. In Lua, you can compute the Rate of Change by following these steps:

  1. Define the initial value of the variable at the start of the time period as initial_value.
  2. Define the final value of the variable at the end of the time period as final_value.
  3. Calculate the Rate of Change using the formula: ROC = (final_value - initial_value) / initial_value * 100.
  4. Multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage change.

Here is an example code snippet in Lua that calculates the Rate of Change:

-- Define initial and final values
local initial_value = 50
local final_value = 70

-- Calculate Rate of Change
local roc = ((final_value - initial_value) / initial_value) * 100

-- Print the result
print("Rate of Change: " .. roc .. "%")

You can modify the initial and final values in the code above to calculate the Rate of Change for different variables. Just make sure to update the initial_value and final_value variables accordingly.