How to convert pdf to docx on linux?

by viola_gleichner , in category: General Help , 21 days ago

How to convert pdf to docx on linux?

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by adolf , 20 days ago


To convert a PDF to DOCX on Linux, you can use the pandoc tool. pandoc is a lightweight markup converter that supports a wide range of file formats. Here's how to install and use it:

  1. Install pandoc by running the following command in your terminal: sudo apt-get install pandoc
  2. Once installed, navigate to the directory containing the PDF file you want to convert.
  3. Run the following command to convert the PDF to DOCX: pandoc input.pdf -o output.docx Replace input.pdf with the actual name of your PDF file, and output.docx with the desired name for the resulting DOCX file. For example, if your PDF file is named "document.pdf" and you want to convert it to "converted.docx", the command would be: pandoc document.pdf -o converted.docx
  4. After running the command, pandoc will convert the PDF to DOCX format. The resulting DOCX file will be saved in the current directory.

That's it! You have successfully converted a PDF to DOCX on Linux using pandoc.