How to deploy a Laravel project to a Linux server?


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How to deploy a Laravel project to a Linux server?

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To deploy a Laravel project to a Linux server, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Linux server: Choose a Linux distribution (e.g., Ubuntu, CentOS) and install it on your server. Ensure the server has PHP, MySQL, and other dependencies required by Laravel. You can install them using package managers like apt or yum.
  2. Set up a web server: Install a web server like Apache or Nginx on the Linux server. Configure the web server to serve your Laravel project: For Apache, create a new virtual host and point it to the public directory of your Laravel project. For Nginx, create a new server block and configure it to serve the index.php file inside your Laravel project's public directory.
  3. Transfer the Laravel project to the server: Zip your Laravel project on your local machine or use version control tools like Git to clone it on the server. Transfer the project files to the Linux server using FTP, SCP, or any other file transfer method.
  4. Configure the Laravel project: On the server, navigate to your Laravel project's root directory. Rename the .env.example file to .env and configure the necessary settings such as database connection details.
  5. Install Composer dependencies: Install Composer on the server if not already installed. Run composer install on the command line in your Laravel project's directory to install the project dependencies defined in composer.json.
  6. Generate Laravel app key: Run php artisan key:generate on the command line in your Laravel project's directory. This command generates a unique key for encrypting cookies and other sensitive data.
  7. Set file permissions: Ensure that the appropriate file permissions are set on the server for Laravel to function properly. Typically, you will need to set write permissions on storage directories using commands like chmod or chown.
  8. Restart the web server: Restart the web server to apply the changes and make your Laravel project live.

That's it! Your Laravel project should now be deployed and accessible on your Linux server.