How to get a Minikube IP address?

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How to get a Minikube IP address?

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by caesar_kertzmann , 7 months ago


To get the IP address of your Minikube cluster, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt.
  2. Start the Minikube cluster by running the command: minikube start
  3. Once the Minikube cluster is up and running, run the following command to get the IP address: minikube ip The command will return the IP address of the Minikube cluster.

Note: Make sure that Minikube is installed and configured properly before running these commands.


by brock , 2 months ago


Additional Tip: If you encounter any issues or errors while running the minikube ip command, you can also try running the following commands to get more detailed information about your Minikube cluster:

  1. First, check the status of your Minikube cluster by running: minikube status
  2. If the status command shows that the cluster is running, you can then get the IP address by running: kubectl cluster-info

This command will display various details about the Minikube cluster including the IP address.