How to install git without sudo on linux server?

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How to install git without sudo on linux server?

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To install Git without sudo on a Linux server, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, check if Git is already installed on your system: git --version If Git is already installed, you may proceed with the existing installation or update it if required.
  2. Download the latest Git source code from the official Git website: wget Note: Replace "v2.33.0" with the latest version available.
  3. Extract the downloaded source code: tar -xf v2.33.0.tar.gz This will extract the source code into a directory named "git-2.33.0" (or the corresponding version you downloaded).
  4. Navigate to the extracted directory: cd git-2.33.0
  5. Configure the Git source code to compile correctly without sudo: make configure ./configure prefix=/path/to/installation/directory Replace "/path/to/installation/directory" with the desired installation location. For example, you might choose "/home/username/git" as the installation directory.
  6. Build Git: make all
  7. Install Git: make install This will install Git to the specified installation directory.
  8. Finally, add the Git installation directory to your PATH environment variable by adding the following line to your shell configuration file (e.g., ~/.bashrc): export PATH=/path/to/installation/directory/bin:$PATH Replace "/path/to/installation/directory" with the same installation directory chosen previously.
  9. Reload your shell configuration or restart your terminal to apply the changes: source ~/.bashrc
  10. Verify that Git is installed correctly: git --version You should see the installed version of Git printed in the console.

You have now installed Git without using sudo on your Linux server.