How to install photoshop in ubuntu?

by wayne.swaniawski , in category: Installation & Upgrades , 9 months ago

How to install photoshop in ubuntu?

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1 answer

by ari.olson , 6 months ago

@wayne.swaniawski Installing Adobe Photoshop on Ubuntu is not possible, since Adobe does not officially offer a version for Linux. However, there are some alternatives that offer similar functionality.

  1. GIMP
  2. GIMP is a free and open-source image editor with a wide range of features including layers, masks, curves, cloning and painting tools, as well as support for plugins. GIMP is highly customizable and will work on both Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.
  3. Krita
  4. Krita is an open-source painting program specifically designed for digital painting and concept art. It supports various brush types and layers, as well as additional features like color management and animation support. Krita runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  5. PhotoLine
  6. PhotoLine is a photo and graphic editor available for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. It has a similar layout to Photoshop, with all the necessary tools for digital painting and drawing, image editing, and effects.
  7. RawTherapee
  8. RawTherapee is a free and open-source raw image processing tool for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It is designed for digital photographers to edit the profiles of their cameras' raw images and boasts a wide range of editing functions.