How to read and change value from memory in linux?

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How to read and change value from memory in linux?

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by jewel , 20 days ago


There are several ways to read and change values from memory in Linux. Here are a few methods:

  1. Using the proc file system: The proc file system allows you to access information about running processes. You can navigate to the appropriate process directory under /proc/
  2. Using the devmem utility: The devmem utility provides an easy way to access and modify memory addresses. You can install the utility using the package manager of your distribution. To read a memory address, use devmem
  3. Using gdb (GNU Debugger): Gdb allows you to debug programs and inspect memory. Start gdb with the program you want to examine by running: gdb

It's important to note that reading and modifying memory values directly can have serious consequences, including crashing the system or corrupting data. Only perform these operations if you fully understand the implications and have a valid reason for doing so.