How to reformat multiple branches at once in git?


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How to reformat multiple branches at once in git?

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by maddison_wintheiser , 2 months ago


To reformat multiple branches at once in git, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by creating a new branch from the base branch you want to reformat. Let's consider the base branch as main for this example: git checkout -b reformat-branches main
  2. Use the git branch command to list all branches in your repository: git branch
  3. Identify the branches that you want to reformat and make a note of their names.
  4. Run a loop or iterate through the branches you want to reformat and perform the necessary reformatting steps for each branch. This process could vary depending on your specific requirements, but here's a general example: git checkout
  5. Finally, push the changes to the remote repository: git push -u origin reformat-branches Note: Make sure to replace origin with your remote repository name.

After following these steps, the specified branches will be reformatted. Remember to review the changes before merging the reformat-branches branch back into main or any other desired branch.