How to remove an image from minikube?


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How to remove an image from minikube?

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To remove an image from minikube, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by opening a terminal and ensure that minikube is running.
  2. Run the minikube ssh command to enter the minikube VM.
  3. Once inside the VM, you can use the Docker CLI to remove the image. Run the following command to list all the images:
docker image ls

  1. Identify the image ID or repository and tag of the image you want to remove from minikube.
  2. To remove the image, use the docker image rm command followed by the image ID or repository and tag. Use the appropriate command:
  • To remove by image ID:
docker image rm <IMAGE_ID>

  • To remove by repository and tag:
docker image rm <REPOSITORY>:<TAG>

  1. After successfully removing the image, exit the minikube VM by running the exit command.

That's it! The specified image should now be removed from minikube.