How to run in xampp?


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How to run in xampp?

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To run an ASP.NET application in XAMPP, you need to configure XAMPP to work with the ASP.NET runtime.

Here are the steps to run ASP.NET in XAMPP:

  1. Download and install XAMPP: Download and install the latest version of XAMPP from the Apache Friends website (
  2. Install the .NET runtime: XAMPP is primarily designed for PHP development, so it doesn't include the .NET runtime. You need to install the .NET runtime separately on your machine. Download and install the latest version of the .NET runtime from the official Microsoft website (
  3. Configure XAMPP: Open the XAMPP installation directory, navigate to the "apache" folder, and locate the "httpd.conf" file. Open this file in a text editor.
  4. Enable mod_aspdotnet: Locate the line that begins with "LoadModule aspdotnet_module" (typically near the end of the file). If it is commented out (starts with "#"), remove the "#" to enable this module.
  5. Set the .NET runtime path: Find the line that starts with "ASPdotNetRuntime" and set it to the path where the .NET runtime is installed on your machine. For example, if you installed the .NET runtime in the default location, the line would be like this: ASPdotNetRuntime "C:/Program Files/dotnet/dotnet.exe"
  6. Save the configuration file: Save the changes you made to the "httpd.conf" file and close it.
  7. Start XAMPP: Launch XAMPP and start the Apache server.
  8. Copy your ASP.NET application to the XAMPP htdocs directory: Copy your ASP.NET application folder or files to the "htdocs" directory, which is usually located at "C:/xampp/htdocs".
  9. Access your ASP.NET application: Open a web browser and visit "http://localhost/{your-application-folder}". Replace "{your-application-folder}" with the name of your ASP.NET application folder. You should now see your ASP.NET application running in XAMPP.

Remember that XAMPP is primarily designed for PHP development, so running ASP.NET applications in XAMPP may have limitations and may not provide all the features and capabilities of a dedicated ASP.NET hosting environment. It's recommended to use a dedicated ASP.NET hosting environment for production applications.