How to start kafka in minikube?

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How to start kafka in minikube?

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To start Kafka in Minikube, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Start Minikube: Run the command minikube start to start Minikube cluster.
  2. Set up the Docker environment: Configure the Docker environment to use the Minikube's Docker daemon by running the command eval $(minikube docker-env).
  3. Clone Kafka on Kubernetes repository: Clone the Kafka on Kubernetes repository to your local machine using the command git clone
  4. Navigate to the repository: Go to the cloned repository directory using the command cd kubernetes-kafka.
  5. Start ZooKeeper: Start ZooKeeper using the command kubectl create -f zk/.
  6. Start Kafka: Start Kafka by running the command kubectl create -f kafka/.
  7. Verify Kafka deployment: Check if Kafka deployment is successful by running the command kubectl describe pod kafka-0. Ensure that the pod is in a running state.

Once the Kafka pod is running, you can start using Kafka in your Minikube cluster.