How to update deployment in minikube with jenkins?


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How to update deployment in minikube with jenkins?

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To update a deployment in minikube with Jenkins, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install and configure Jenkins on your machine: Download and install Jenkins using the official documentation: Configure Jenkins by following the setup wizard and ensure it is up and running.
  2. Install the necessary plugins: From the Jenkins Dashboard, click on "Manage Jenkins" -> "Manage Plugins". Navigate to the "Available" tab and search for the "Kubernetes Continuous Deploy" plugin. Select the plugin and click on "Install without restart" to install it.
  3. Configure Jenkins to connect with minikube: Go to the Jenkins Dashboard and click on "Manage Jenkins" -> "Configure System". Scroll down to the "Kubernetes Continuous Deploy" section. Click on "Add Kubernetes Cloud", provide a name for the cloud configuration. Fill in the Kubernetes API Server URL, Certificate Authority, and Kubernetes Namespace details, which can be obtained from your minikube setup. Save the configuration.
  4. Create a Jenkins pipeline job: From the Jenkins Dashboard, click on "New Item" to create a new pipeline job. Provide a name for the job and select "Pipeline" as the job type. Scroll down to the "Pipeline" section and configure the pipeline script as per your deployment requirements.
  5. Write a pipeline script to update the deployment: Use the Kubernetes Jenkins plugin's pipeline syntax to define the steps needed to update the deployment. This typically involves selecting the correct Kubernetes cluster, ensuring the image is updated, scaling the deployment, and rolling out the updates.
  6. Save the pipeline script and run the job: Save the pipeline configuration and click on "Build Now" to execute the job. Jenkins will start the pipeline and update the deployment in minikube based on the defined steps.

Make sure you have the necessary permissions to interact with minikube from Jenkins. Having a properly configured service account or a user with appropriate access credentials is essential for Jenkins to connect to minikube and update the deployment successfully.