How to use grafana-cli on a Docker-installed grafana?

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How to use grafana-cli on a Docker-installed grafana?

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by benny_schoen , 7 months ago


To use grafana-cli in a Docker-installed Grafana, you need to access the running container to execute the commands. Follow these steps:

  1. Find the container ID or name: Run docker ps to get a list of all running containers. Locate the container running Grafana and note down its CONTAINER ID or NAMES.
  2. Access the container's command line: Execute docker exec -it
  3. Use grafana-cli commands: Once you're inside the container, you can use all grafana-cli commands as you would in a non-Docker installation. For example: grafana-cli plugins list will display the plugins installed in Grafana.

Note: Ensure that the container is running and provides access to the command line interface before attempting to execute docker exec command.

That's it! You can now use grafana-cli commands on your Docker-installed Grafana.


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