How do I run a .exe file from a Linux terminal?

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How do I run a .exe file from a Linux terminal?

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by aglae_feil , 6 months ago


By default, Linux does not run .exe files because they are specifically designed for Windows. However, there are several methods to run .exe files on Linux:

  1. Use Wine: Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to run some Windows applications on Linux. Install Wine on your Linux distribution, then open a terminal and navigate to the folder containing the .exe file. Run the following command: wine
  2. Use PlayOnLinux: PlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end for Wine that simplifies the installation of Windows applications. Install PlayOnLinux, then use its interface to install and run the .exe file.
  3. Use a virtual machine: Install a virtual machine software like VirtualBox or VMware on your Linux system. Create a virtual machine with a Windows operating system, install the .exe file within the virtual machine, and run it there.
  4. Use Mono: If the .exe file is a .NET application, you can use Mono, an open-source implementation of the .NET framework. Install Mono on Linux and run the .exe file with the following command: mono
  5. Convert to a Linux executable: If you have access to the original source code, you can compile it on Linux to create a native Linux executable.

Note: Running .exe files on Linux may not always be successful or provide full functionality due to compatibility issues.


by tina , 19 days ago


Please note that you'll need to have Wine installed on your Linux machine to run .exe files. Here are the steps to run a .exe file from a Linux terminal with Wine:

  1. Install Wine: On Ubuntu-based distributions, you can install Wine by running: sudo apt update sudo apt install wine On Fedora, you can install Wine by running: sudo dnf install wine
  2. Navigate to the directory containing the .exe file in the terminal.
  3. Run the following command to execute the .exe file with Wine: wine yourfile.exe

Replace yourfile.exe with the actual name of the .exe file you want to run.

Please note that not all Windows applications may work perfectly with Wine, and some features of the application may not be fully supported.