How to block any url contain word 'admin' in nginx?

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How to block any url contain word 'admin' in nginx?

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by lia , 3 months ago


To block any URL containing the word 'admin' in Nginx, you can use a regular expression in the location block of your Nginx configuration file. Here is an example:

  1. Open your Nginx configuration file. The location of the file may vary depending on your server setup. Common locations are "/etc/nginx/nginx.conf" or "/etc/nginx/sites-available/default".
  2. Add the following lines inside the server block:
location ~* /admin {
    deny all;

  1. Save the configuration file and exit the editor.
  2. Test the Nginx configuration to ensure there are no syntax errors by running the following command:
sudo nginx -t

  1. If the configuration test is successful, reload Nginx to apply the changes:
sudo systemctl reload nginx

With the above configuration, any URL containing the word 'admin' will be blocked by Nginx, returning a 403 Forbidden error to clients attempting to access those URLs.