How to create a namespace in Minikube?

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How to create a namespace in Minikube?

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by georgiana.senger , 9 months ago


To create a namespace in Minikube, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Minikube installed on your machine.
  2. Start the Minikube cluster by running the following command in your terminal: minikube start
  3. Once the cluster is up and running, you can create a namespace by using the kubectl create namespace command. For example, to create a namespace named "my-namespace", run the following command: kubectl create namespace my-namespace You will see a confirmation message displaying "namespace/my-namespace created."
  4. To verify that the namespace has been successfully created, you can run the kubectl get namespaces command. You should see the newly created namespace in the list. kubectl get namespaces The output should include the "my-namespace" in the NAMES column, indicating that the namespace has been created.

That's it! You have successfully created a namespace in Minikube. You can now manage your resources within this namespace.

by cathrine_goyette , 4 months ago


Just to add a little clarity, a namespace in Kubernetes is a way to divide cluster resources between multiple users (via resource quotas) or to partition resources within an environment. Namespaces are intended for use in environments with many users spread across multiple teams, or projects. They are a way to scope and organize resources created in the cluster.

In Minikube, the process to create a namespace is straightforward and as described above. Once you have created a namespace, you can specify it while deploying resources to ensure they are created within that specific namespace. Namespaces help in organizing and managing resources effectively, especially in multi-tenant environments.