How to find default sound driver in linux?

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How to find default sound driver in linux?

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In Linux, you can use various methods to find the default sound driver. Here are a few common ways:

  1. Checking the sound card vendor: Open a terminal and run the following command: lspci | grep -i audio This command will display the details of the audio device, including the sound card vendor. You can then search for the default sound driver associated with that vendor.
  2. Using the ALSA utility: ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) is the most common sound driver framework used in Linux. Use the following command to display the sound card and driver information: aplay -l It will list the available sound cards along with their corresponding drivers.
  3. Checking the default sound device: Run the following command in the terminal: cat /proc/asound/cards It will list the sound cards present on your system, and the default sound card will be labeled as "Default."
  4. Using the system settings: Open the sound settings on your Linux desktop environment. Go to the sound configuration or playback settings, and it should display the default sound driver being used.

These methods should help you find the default sound driver in most Linux distributions.