How to find out architecture on linux?

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How to find out architecture on linux?

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To find out the architecture of a Linux system, you can use the arch or uname command.

  1. Using the arch command:

This command will return the architecture of the Linux system, such as x86_64 for a 64-bit system or i686 for a 32-bit system.

  1. Using the uname command:
uname -m

This command will display the machine hardware name, which indicates the architecture. Common values include x86_64 for 64-bit systems, i686 for 32-bit systems, and armv7l for ARM-based systems.

Additionally, you can also use the file command on certain executable files to determine the architecture:

file /bin/bash

This command will display information about the file, including the architecture for which it is compiled. Replace /bin/bash with the path to any other executable file if needed.

These commands will provide you with the architecture information about your Linux system.