How to install openxlsx on linux?


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How to install openxlsx on linux?

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by lonzo , 20 days ago


To install openxlsx on Linux, you can use the R programming language. Here are the steps:

  1. Install R: Open a terminal and enter the following commands sudo apt update sudo apt install r-base
  2. Launch R: Enter the following command to start an interactive R session R
  3. Install openxlsx package: Inside the R session, enter the following command to install the openxlsx package install.packages("openxlsx")
  4. Verify installation: You can verify if the package is installed correctly by loading it and checking its version. Enter the following commands in the R session: library(openxlsx) packageVersion("openxlsx")

If you do not have administrative privileges, you can use the install.packages() function with the lib parameter to specify a local library directory where you have write access:

install.packages("openxlsx", lib="~/R_packages")

That's it! You have successfully installed openxlsx on Linux using R.