How to limit the number of restarts in minikube k8s?

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How to limit the number of restarts in minikube k8s?

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by gaston , 7 months ago


To limit the number of restarts in Minikube Kubernetes (k8s), you can set the --restart flag when starting Minikube. The --restart flag allows you to specify the restart policy for the containers in your cluster.

Here are the steps to set the restart policy in Minikube:

  1. Open your terminal and start Minikube with the desired restart policy. For example, to set the restart policy to Never, use the following command: minikube start --restart=Never Alternatively, you can set the restart policy to Always (default) to allow containers to restart indefinitely: minikube start --restart=Always There are other restart policies available, such as OnFailure and UnlessStopped.
  2. Minikube will start with the specified restart policy, and containers in the cluster will adhere to the policy you set. This means that if a container fails, it will be restarted according to the specified restart policy.

By setting the appropriate restart policy, you can control the number of restarts that containers are allowed to perform in Minikube Kubernetes.


by johann , 2 months ago


In addition to setting the restart policy when starting Minikube, you can also define the restart policy directly in your Kubernetes manifest files using the restartPolicy field. This allows you to control the restart behavior at the pod level.

Here's an example of how you can set the restart policy in a Kubernetes pod manifest:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: my-pod
  - name: my-container
    image: my-image
    restartPolicy: Never

In this example, the restart policy for the my-container container within the my-pod pod is set to Never. This means that the container will not be restarted by Kubernetes if it fails.

You can set the restartPolicy field to Always, OnFailure, or Never, depending on your requirements.

By setting the restart policy in your pod manifests, you can further control the restart behavior of containers in your Minikube cluster.