How to use Ubuntu Wireshark to analyze network traffic?

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How to use Ubuntu Wireshark to analyze network traffic?

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To use Wireshark on Ubuntu to analyze network traffic, follow these steps:

  1. Install Wireshark: Open a terminal window and type the following command to install Wireshark:sudo apt-get install wireshark Enter your password when prompted.
  2. Run Wireshark: Type the following command in the terminal to start Wireshark:sudo wireshark
  3. Select the network interface: In the Wireshark main window, click on the interface drop-down menu and select the network interface you want to capture traffic on.
  4. Start capturing packets: Click on the Start button to begin capturing packets on the selected interface.
  5. Analyze the captured traffic: Wireshark will start capturing packets and display them in real-time. You can stop the capture at any time by clicking on the Stop button. Once the capture is complete, you can analyze the captured packets using the various tools and features of Wireshark, such as the packet list, packet details, and various filters.
  6. Save the capture: Once you have analyzed the captured traffic, you may want to save it for later use. To do this, click on the File menu and select Save As, then choose a location and file name for the capture file.

Note: Capturing network traffic can be a sensitive operation, as it can potentially capture sensitive information. It is important to use Wireshark responsibly and ethically, and to ensure that you have the appropriate permissions and legal authority to capture network traffic.