What does # enter key do in linux terminal?


by jewel , in category: General Help , 7 months ago

What does # enter key do in linux terminal?

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by bobbie.kris , 7 months ago


In the Linux terminal, pressing the Enter key (also known as the Return key) serves several purposes:

  1. Executes commands: When you type a command in the terminal and press Enter, the command is executed and its output (if any) is displayed.
  2. Submitting input: When a program prompts for user input, pressing Enter allows you to submit your input for further processing by the program.
  3. Creating a new line: Pressing Enter creates a new line in the terminal, allowing you to separate different commands or outputs for better readability.
  4. Removing the need for explicit line breaks: In scenarios where a command or text extends beyond the visible line, pressing Enter automatically wraps the line to the next line, eliminating the need for manual line breaks.

Overall, the Enter key is vital for interacting with the Linux terminal by executing commands, submitting input, and visually organizing terminal output.

by ari.olson , 2 months ago


Comment: You cannot press the Enter key in many cases. In order to press the "Enter" key you need to use tput command. To actually use "Enter" key in a script you would have to use tput to send a "Return" escape sequence to the terminal as that is what the terminal expects to see for "Enter" key input.