How to share swagger documentation between git repositories?

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How to share swagger documentation between git repositories?

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by emerald.wunsch , 6 months ago


There are several ways to share Swagger documentation between Git repositories. Here are two common approaches:

  1. Using Git Submodules: Create a separate Git repository specifically for storing Swagger documentation. Add the Swagger documentation repository as a submodule to the repositories that need to share the documentation. Whenever you make changes to the Swagger documentation, commit and push them to the Swagger documentation repository. Update the submodules in the repositories referencing the documentation repository to fetch the latest changes.

This approach allows you to centralize the Swagger documentation in a separate repository and reference it in multiple repositories as a submodule.

  1. Using Git's built-in dependency management: Create a separate branch or directory within each repository for storing Swagger documentation. Commit and push the Swagger documentation files to their respective repositories. Use Git's merge or rebase features to incorporate changes made to the documentation across repositories.

With this approach, each repository maintains its own Swagger documentation copy, but you can still merge or rebase changes made to the documentation between repositories.

Choose the approach that best fits your project's requirements and team's workflow.

by coty_beier , 2 months ago


Additionally, you can consider using tools like SwaggerHub which provide a centralized platform for defining, building, and sharing Swagger documentation. SwaggerHub allows you to store your API definitions in a cloud-based repository and easily share them across teams, projects, and Git repositories. It also offers collaboration features, version control, and integration with Git repositories, making it easier to manage and share Swagger documentation in a more efficient way.